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What are some jobs that will let me work with animals?

I love animals, but I don't think I could handle being a veterinarian. What are some other jobs that will allow me to work with animals?

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Hi Zan! Great question. There's a nice range of jobs that will let you work with animals, from being a breeder to a marine biologist. Working at the zoo as either a habitat specialist, zookeeper, or animal caretaker will definitely give you plenty exposure to animals. You could also work in an animal shelter as a manager or pet adoption consultant. As a wildlife rehabilitator, you would be caring for animals so they can return to the wild. If you would like to learn about more animal related jobs you can check out: http://www.insidejobs.com/blog/top-jobs-for-animal-lovers. I hope this helps and I wish you the best! Mireia R.

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2 answers

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Betty’s Answer

Hi Zan,

The most obvious choice is to become a vet and why do you presume that you couldn't handle becoming a vet? I think being a vet could be very rewarding. I think it would be so much fun to work with dolphins as a trainer and caretaker or work in a large aquarium or farm. More recently, ostrich and llama farming has become quite popular. In the SF Bay Area, there's a company that is home to a lot of goats and they provide a back yard maintenance service where they bring the goats onsite to eat the weeds and grass. There are also safari parks and resorts that operate in the North Bay. Hope this helps.

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Daryl’s Answer

You could volunteer for a humane society, animal shelter or rescue agency. Check with each local agency and see what the requirements or opportunities are, let them know why you are interested.