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What is a year in the life of an author like?

I really want to know what progress is like as an author in the real world, and if there is any struggles or problems, and what it's like to pick certain genres (or not). I'd also like to know when are the most enjoyable/satisfying times of an author's career.
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2 answers

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Miles’s Answer

As an author I spent a year traveling, speaking, and signing autographs of my book. I also spent time meeting new people and providing YouTube lessons on my material. I loved it. I did all that while maintaining my 9 - 5.

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Erica’s Answer


I have published 3 books and will be publishing 2 more this year. I will say that its pretty awesome being able to right your thoughts on paper and have the world read them. The earlier parts of my career as an author, I spent perfecting my craft and promoting my books. Writing and publishing is just part of the job. You still have to create a marketing plan on how to sell your work to your audience. Back when I began, I spent my days emailing different publishing companies, creating fan lists and attending book festivals to sell my work. I also spent many days doing book signings in major bookstores. There were times when I felt that I was putting in too much work and wanted to quit. When I received my first royalty check, I knew then that all the work that I put into writing my book was worth it.