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What items are important to recruiters, other than academics, in gaining a student access into a university and or a particular college program/major? Additionally what things can give a student an advantage or "boost" on a college application?

I am a freshman at OSA in the musical theatre program. I'm very interested in knowing how I can best position myself to be accepted to the university of my choice or second choice, and welcome any and all suggestions and assistance, so I can begin this process immediately.

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1 answer

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Jennifer’s Answer

The best advice I can offer is BE YOURSELF!

Admissions officers, recruiters, can see through the fluff or BS. If you're answering the questions honestly and being true to yourself, this gives the universities' admissions personnel the opportunity to make the decision based on whether or not it is a good fit - both for them and for you.

Before applying to a college, take the time to learn as much as you can about the institution. Do they offer what you're looking for in terms of academics, scholarships/financial aid, programs (e.g. internships, undergraduate research), activities (e.g. intramurals, clubs/organizations)? When answering prompts, interviewing or contacting admissions, show your interest in their university by talking about what they have to offer you and why it is important.

Reflection is key. Spend time looking inward; ask yourself what's important and why. Not only will that help with selecting the right schools to which to apply, but it will help you complete the admissions process. One of the most difficult thing for students to do is to talk about themselves in a meaningful way!

Wishing you all the best --

Jennifer recommends the following next steps:

BE YOURSELF! Universities will see through fakeness .... Pursue your genuine interests, reflecting on what's important to you and why.
Research universities for your fit. Make sure they offer what you want (academics, extracurriculars, financial aid/scholarships)
Spend time on your college admissions applications.