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How can one maximize the use of social media to network with other people and companies?

Social Media allows us to access such a wide range of people but how can this vast network be narrowed down to benefit career prospects?

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3 answers

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Samuel’s Answer

Great question and I hope my answer will be adequate for you.

The top three sites in 2017 for networking of this type were 1) LinkedIn 2)Twitter 3) Facebook.

If you don't already, get accounts for these sites. More than that, separate your professional account from your personal account and market yourself. Make it an online portfolio. In addition, the number 1 thing to get you noticed on LinkedIn was activity. This means commenting, sharing, publishing, liking, and all things to get your account active. This was the number one way to network on the number one site for networking.

Personal Testament: Because of my LinkedIn, I have received close to 25 interviews and got placed in the position that I am in today. This stuff really works.

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Divya Jyoti’s Answer

Hey there, I am a IP network engineer who deals with how internet works and fix related problems. I would love to recommend LinkedIn as this is the most indulging one for career portfolio and knowing skill sets which. are required or trending in the field of opportunities irrespective of any stream or job profile.

I have a profile since my passed graduation and it has been always helpful to get interviews . I have been receiving good interviews every now and then.

Please be clear from the beginning to choose career according to your skill set.
To start with decide what is that you want to pursue as career
Prepare a portfolio and interest records you want to highlight about yourself
Create a account in LinkedIn.
You can search all that you want once you are joined.

Good Luck :)

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Sobhy’s Answer

linked-in in is a very powerful .. but you need to put efforts in your profile.
Follow your targeted places to work expand you professional network as much as you can.
Read the articles from trusted sources.
I personally had some interviews also some of my friends did get jobs even in other countries other than they were resident.

wish you the best :-)