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Sammy T. Sep 01, 2017 499 views

What is the most challenging thing about being A computer Science major?

I'm trying to figure out what is the most challenging aspect of computer science. Did it meet your expectations or was the work more difficult than you thought? #technology...


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Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 309 views

How can one maximize the use of social media to network with other people and companies?

Social Media allows us to access such a wide range of people but how can this vast network be narrowed down to benefit career prospects? #networking...


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Emilia S. Jul 19, 2020 186 views

Is an internship the way to go?

I'm a student that lives on their own, without financial support from parents. I was wondering if an internship is absolutely necessary to get my "foot in the door", even though financially, I cannot take on an unpaid internship? #internships #networking...


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Babita G. Jul 22, 2020 175 views

My question is how do I find tech companies who are hiring non-residents?

My major is computer science and I’m an international student. After graduation we can apply to work for a year as a part of practical training. But I’m worried about my career after that because my one work permit will expire and can’t be renewed since I’m a non-resident of US. I have to find...

#international-student #computer-science #technology #july20