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What type of engineering do you suggest I take? What do they do?

Asked Kansas City, Missouri

I am asking this because I am pretty positive I want to be an engineer as I love math and I love the idea of becoming an engineer, however I am not sure what type of engineer I wish to become. #engineer

3 answers

Troy’s Answer

Updated Anchorage, Alaska

Hi Julian: If you like math and science, you are a good match for becoming an engineer. Essentially engineers solve problems in many different ways. An engineering career may involve a wide range of things depending on your chosen field. Some engineers are consultants that help their clients plan, design, and build various products and projects. Other engineers are involved in research developing new processes or products. Engineering careers require constant learning as you advance your skills and keep up with new technologies.
To get an idea of what engineers do on a daily basis, you might spend a day with a practicing engineer. Your school should be able to help you arrange this.
Feel free to ask me more specific questions. Troy

Matt’s Answer

Updated Redwood City, California

Somewhat simplified: Civil engineer: Design things that don't move. Mechanical engineer: Design things that move. Electrical engineer: Design physical things that run software. Software engineer: Write software to run on computers and other computing devices. Environmental engineer: Help people reduce their environmental impact. (Cuts across many of the above categories.) Chemical engineer: Figure out new and better ways to use chemicals to help people.

There are many, many specialities in engineering too: Biomedical engineer, automotive engineer, aerospace engineer, security engineer, etc.

Since the calling of an engineer is to help people, I suggest you think about how you would like to help people in your career, and that will lead you to the type of engineer you'll likely become.

Brian’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California

All fields in engineering are paired with some type of science or math. For example, chemical engineering involves chemistry, mechanical engineering involves the portion of physics called mechanics, electrical engineering involves the portion of physics called electromagnetism, and so on. All engineers are natural-born problem solvers with math and science skills. The specific discipline within engineering depends on your personal preference. Did you like chemistry, physics, biology, or math by itself? There is a field in engineering for any interest you might have.

Within each engineering field, there are many ways to be an engineer. Some engineers do research or design products, others work as managers guiding other engineers, or work in sales to sell complex products to customers, or work in customer support to help customers with their questions. Engineering gives people skills that are highly valued in many fields outside of engineering including finance, medicine, and many diverse fields.

What all engineers have in common is ability with math and science and a very strong desire to solve problems that use their math and science skills in some way.