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What is a typical job for a History or Literature major?

I am thinking of majoring in #history or #literature and am wondering what career path this would put me on. I am not sure what I want to do when I am older, but I do know I love these subjects! Please let me know!

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2 answers

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Martina’s Answer

I have an undergraduate degree in history, a masters degree in liberal arts, and two graduate certificates in Museum Studies and Public History. I have worked as an adjunct teaching both U.S. History and Humanities at the community college level and am now an exhibition assistant at a museum. Majoring in History or Literature puts you in the area of education and non-profit work. I will also add that in order to advance in my career I had to obtain education beyond just an undergraduate degree. I hope this helps.

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Naeyoung’s Answer

Hi Lily, I am glad to hear that you are enthusiastic about these majors!

As a Literature major in French, I would have to say there is no typical job for a Literature major! You can work for a company , work in an international organization, teach or write!

I remember it was hard for me to decide what I should do during college. For me I talked to a lot of graduates in the similar field, explored with many options such as internship, sessions and even part time jobs to get a sense of what I should do.

Looking back I think it would have been best to think closely before I tried new things. Right now my diverse experiences have led me to some interesting and meaningful careers but it would be great to sit down, jot down what you love to do , what you are passionate about and what you are looking for in a job. I want to encourage you that you have a ton of possibilities ahead, so be confident and explore yourself!