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how do you switch your major after being accepted for one already?

Im asking because im indecisive about two majors but im leaning towards one than the other and i may change it. #medicine #college-major #academic-advising

Choose the one you think would work best for you. Maybe try out the one you originally chose and see if you like it, and if your still leaning towards the other then try it out. Shannon D.

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2 answers

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Kelsey’s Answer

You will have resources available at your university that will allow a rather smooth transition. I suggest you make the change by beginning or end of Sophomore year. Junior/Senior years' curriculum is heavily focused on the selected major. Whereas usually, freshman level classes are introductory courses into other fields (often sparking student's interests in other field than originally planned for). You will be supported and guided by the university's personnel if you choice to switch your major during your time at university.

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Raymond’s Answer

Use your counselors, they will be able to provide the best paths for you. Also, if 2 areas interest you don't be afraid to look into a double major or making one your minor. If the fields are related you will find that a lot of courses can overlap into both degree fields and you can really maximize your time, but make sure that you work with the counselors ahead of time so that you have a clear path to success.