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How quickly am I able to get a job in the career I pursued?

I am asking because I want to be able to get a job right after college so that I can pay off the rest of my tuition and the possible loans I have. I want to be able to pay them as soon as possible so that I don't have any worries in the future.
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I am in same situation. Will be graduating with heavy loans. I want to put my major to full potential. Megan F.

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2 answers

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Katy’s Answer

This can be a loaded question in all seriousness. It will depend on the field you're in and where you're willing to work. I think, generally, most people should be able to find a job in their field within a year. Personally, after graduating undergrad, I landed a great internship within 2 months, but after that ended, it took nearly a year for me to get another job in my field. I suggest trying to find an internship you can do while still in school, preferably one that offers the potential for future employment within the company. Hone your resume, and tweak it for every job you apply to. Same goes with cover letters. Be deliberate and do your research before interviews. There is nothing worse than getting the "what do you know about us" question and drawing a complete blank.

Katy recommends the following next steps:

Research the employment rate for your degree.
Decide what positions you're willing to accept & what your salary range is.
Sign up for job alerts on Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and whatever job sites you use.
Apply everywhere
Get an internship & pad your resume

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Christina’s Answer

You should be able to get a job within the six months after graduating! Start preparing your resume as soon as possible and applying to positions to start opening up doors for yourself. In addition, you should consider doing an internship before graduation, that internship may turn into a full time position post graduation! Best of Luck!