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What if the Application deadline has passed?

I have decided to apply to a college, but I am afraid that the application deadline has passed. Should I apply anyways? #college-applications #university-applications #college #college-admissions

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2 answers

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Zimo’s Answer

For most colleges, the application portal is electronic, and will shutdown after the deadline has passed. As a result, there'll be no way to apply through the normal application portal. However, on the college website, there's usually contact information for the admission office.

My best advice for you is to reach out to the college admission office directly and explain the reason why you missed the deadline and why you would love to attend this college. Drop them an email or visit the office directly and see what the admission officer can do to help you.

If you missed the deadline and the admission office does not allow exceptions, try to utilize the time to search for other colleges that offers similar courses/degrees you are interested in, and apply. If you decided you want to attend one particular college, you can always start taking courses, and transfer the course credit at a later date.

Good luck!

Zimo recommends the following next steps:

Find contact information for the admission office on the college website.
Visit the office in person, or call or email them and explain the circumstances.

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Lyndee’s Answer

Good evening!

To be honest, I don't think college admission office will accept late applications, unless you have emergency and reasonable excuse (in this case, I recommend you directly contact the admission office and explain it, shoot them an email with proofs or schedule an appointment). Otherwise, I don't think there is high chance for you to submit an application. You can submit one late, if their system is still open for application, but they might not review your application. I believe this is the first step entering college: meeting deadline and punctuality.

If you still consider going to college in that semester, I suggest you to look into other colleges/institutions, of which applications is still open. If none of those is available, take a gap semseter and thoroughly do research and prepare for a new application: list out the deadline and what are the requirements, what additional documents is required, even look into their scholarship opportunities as well.

Some other activities you might want to do during this time: volunteering, looking for a part time job, looking into certificates which you can take online, and of course, prepare for your upcoming application.