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What is a job in the medical feild that you can apply for after graduating highschool?

I want to save in my first two years of college to move out and I want to be a physician #medical-education #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

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4 answers

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Paul’s Answer

You can be an EMT. I have a lot of friends that became an EMT and worked on an ambulance after graduating HS. As an Emergency Medical Technician you will learn basic skills used in many of the different medical fields, including a physician. This would be a great way to earn money and gain valuable experience in the medical field.

Paul recommends the following next steps:

So other than a high school education the only other requirement to be an EMT is to get your certificate. The certificate is earned through a course which require a certain amount of classroom hours and a certain amount of lab hours and a certain amount of field work.
Google search EMT classes near you and research which class schedules work for you. Typically each school will offer classes on different days to try an accommodate as many people as possible.
While your Googling research everything EMT sonyou have a good idea of what field work is like, and maybe what you can do prior to the class to prepare.

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Michael’s Answer

There are several positions within the surgical setting which could lend itself not only to experience within the medical field but also allow you the time needed to complete the first two years of study. Two of those positions are Patient Care Technician (PCT) and Anesthesia Tech. The PCT role assists with the surgical suite setup, transport, patient positioning, etc. The Anesthesia Tech role assists with setup for the anesthesiologist prior to the surgery as well as intraoperative tasks which the anesthesiologist may need assistance.
These are only two of several roles within the operative setting which may assist you as you reach towards your ultimate goal. Best of luck!!

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Estelle’s Answer

You may become an EMT or phlebotomist (person who draws blood.) Consider working in the lab at at large clinic or as a transporter at a hospital. Save money so that you can finish college and go to medical school. Good luck!

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Richard’s Answer

PA's go to 2 years of PA school after college.
Registered nurses have 4 years of college.
EMT, paramedics, lab techs, x ray techs and scrub techs have fewer years of education after high school.
Consider shadowing different professions to choose what is right for you.