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Does the Art Institute offer film class?

Asked Kansas City, Missouri

If I don'e to into my target colleges I am going to go to the Art Institute. I really want to know what film classes do the offer #art #film

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Hello Makayla,

In Kansas City Art Institute:

The filmmaking program is an environment that cultivates leaders in the rapidly changing world of digital technology. The program approaches filmmaking as a multidisciplinary hybrid of installation, interactive media, performance art, public and community art, sound design and experimental animation, as well as experimental and narrative film production and post-production.

Active hands-on-learning experiences, intense engagement with faculty and peers and development of critical thinking skills directed toward the future of lens based electronic arts prepare our graduates for thriving multifaceted careers within the dynamic global economy.

Central to our philosophy is the concentration on individual student creativity and vision fostered by vigorous training in research, project development and management skills. In addition, students gain critical technical capabilities that prepare them as competitive candidates in both the art and industry worlds through a variety of technical skill acquisition and required internships in the professional world.

Class descriptions:

  • Good Old Films

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the history and technique of film in its narrative, documentary and experimental forms. Several renowned film directors and their films will be screened and analyzed both critically and technically. Through a detailed scene analysis the course will look at the various components of film expression (cinematography, editing, sound, set design, acting), developments in screen narrative, film's relationship to other arts and media and its role as an instrument of social expression. The course is divided into screening and critique classes and film lab classes, where students participate in a scene study workshop and work hands-on with alternative versions of previously screened material.

Art of Editing: Exploring Narrative from Filmmaking to Interactive Media

  • Ever since the Lumiere brothers' first movie camera, le cinematograph, forced the filmmaker to make a raw 50-second linear sequence, narrative has been the crucial element for any time-based form of art. In this class the students will be exposed to a variety of editing techniques and related narrative forms: from basic filmmaking, to action movies, to experimental film and video, to multi-channel video art installation, computational cinema and network narratives. Through the detailed analysis of film sequences, paintings, literature and music references, the students will learn and then experiment with different editing and storytelling styles, approaches and techniques in both conceptual and aesthetic terms.

In: http://www.kcai.edu/academics/majors/digital-filmmaking http://www.kcai.edu/academics/majors/digital-filmmaking/curriculum-classes

Have a magnificent career!