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What is the best way to determine the best fit for a college?

I am interested in playing competitive Soccer in college, along with a major in computer science fields. I am trying to narrow my college selection down as much as possible but still have over 100 colleges on my list of possibles. Way to many to visit and apply to.

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2 answers

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Scott’s Answer

Short answer. List your personal traits and characteristics and this will help you determine which college is best for you.

Long answer. There are a lot of variables people don't consider. Are you a person who likes to be close to family? Then picking a college 1,000 miles away probably isn't a good choice. Do you like small classes? Then a larger school probably won't interest you?

When I first went to college, I picked a school 1100 miles away from home. Being so far away from home, I got in to the party scene and didn't have the normal supporting cast to help me stay balanced. In one year, I was asked not to return to school in my preferred major because my GPA dropped below the minimum required for the major. It cost me, what I perceived to be a good future.

Fast forward 5 years later, when I went back to college. I picked a school only 30 minutes from my family, but stayed on campus. I surrounded myself with good people, and while I still found time to 'party', I was aware of myself and was dedicated to graduating. When necessary, I would go home, see my family, and remove myself from certain temptations. It allowed me to refocus, recenter, and develop excellent habits.

Scott recommends the following next steps:

Recognize who you are and what makes you tick.
Make a list of colleges you'd like to attend.
Shorten your list to the top 5, and send out applications , list your choices in order of preference, and be ready to make your final decision once you receive acceptance letters

Thank you Mr. Himes! I am working with my dad now on a list of schools. We plan to visit a few colleges of different sizes to get a feel for the different sizes. Right now I feel like I could go far away and not have any problems but I still have 3 more years of high school to go. Ayden D.

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Bob’s Answer

Ayden, if you are not planning on making a living playing professional soccer, I would focus on the degree first and soccer second. Most competitive college soccer programs won't give you time to complete your academic studies, especially if you are computer science major.

Thank you for your answer Mr. Schuh. I would like to play professionally, but I know most kids don't get the chance to. I did want to play in college though. Now I am not sure I can do both if I won't have any time for school work. How do all the other student athletes get degrees, if there is no time? Ayden D.

Assuming you are good enough to get a college scholarship, then chances are that they have a vested interest in your academic success and will provide you academic resources for your success. But you also have to understand that college coaches are all about winning and if they offer you a scholarship, they'll want all your time devoted to practice and games. To answer your question, just look into the statistics of how many college soccer players make it professionally and you'll have your answer. Focus on academics first. Bob Schuh