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How to deal with audition stress?

I always have a lot of stress leading up to auditions. Any tips on this? #audition #acting #stress

Breath and count to ten and think positive Lana J.

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Practice is the key. Watch some online videos that guide on how to prepare. Also, do some research on google where people shared there experiences. Everything is just a click away!

Just have patience and believe in yourself.

Jasanpreet Kaur recommends the following next steps:

Refer YouTube

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Taylor’s Answer

Hi Clara! I first want to encourage you that being nervous for an audition is a GOOD thing - because that means you care and are invested in the outcome. We have all been there. Whether it's an audition, an interview, a big athletic game or race... we have all experienced what you are experiencing right now. It's all about how you handle your nerves that allows you to deliver a good audition. Here are some techniques that I would recommend for you to consider:

- Make a playlist with songs that either help you relax or help pump you up! Listen to this in the weeks leading up to your audition and listen to it on the big day.
- Take 10 slow deep breaths. The deep inhaling and exhaling helps the stress to leave your body.
- Prepare. Nothing helps alleviate stress and nervousness other than knowing you are prepared. Ask a family member or friend or peer to help you practice and prepare. Ask them to throw you curve balls so you can practice adapting if something unexpected were to happen.
- Visualize. This one can be very helpful. Close your eyes and visualize the audition from start to finish. Then imagine walking away and feeling great about how it went. Do this over and over - it will help you anticipate nerves and practice handling them!
- BE CONFIDENT! Hold you arms/hands as high up in the air as you can for a full minute. There is something about this "power pose" that helps instill confidence.

Hope these help you - best of luck!!

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Jennifer’s Answer

I would suggest practicing not only solo, but with a bunch of different test audience groups, family or friends, etc. The anxiety you're feeling will decrease the more you practice, you'll feel more comfortable.

Good luck!