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What kinds of musical careers would be steady and pays well?

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school and I am thinking about getting a degree that has to do with music, but I'm not so sure whether or not that would be a good idea. I know there is the option of becoming a musician of some sorts, but I personally don't exactly have confidence in myself and fear of disappointing my family. I'm not exactly good with people either, and I really don't want to get a degree of science, math or history. #music #music-degree

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Claudia’s Answer

I understand your hesitation. I experienced it myself when I was about to choose a major in college. There is a good variety of career options within the music business. Here are some ideas:
- Musician/performer (orchestra, quartet, opera, Broadway musicals, solo, jazz combo, rock band, etc)
- Music teacher (pre-K, K-12, college, adult education)
- Music therapist (to treat and overcome a variety of medical ailments, including physical, cognitive, social, emotional, or psychological issues; working at hospitals, heath centers, clinics, schools, and others)
- Music administration (joining the administrative team of a musical organization such as a music school, an orchestra, an opera company, a music festival)
- Artist management (managing the careers of artists in any musical gendre)

The list continues. I hope one of these fields is of interest to you. These are all great career choices, and the level of success you'll achieve will be dictated by the amount of effort and dedication you give to your career.


Thank you for answering my question! This really helped. Estrella H.

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