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Julie M. Apr 09, 2014 1145 views

How could art contribute towards having a successful job and life?

I'm currently in 11th grade, and now I'm considering on what I should do when I'm out of high school. I'm often interested in applying my artwork towards my own future. However, I was told several times that I could never make a living out of art and that it should be treated as a hobby. I felt...

#career #art #future

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Lovell D. Oct 02, 2014 942 views
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Erika C. Dec 01, 2014 1298 views

what college would I need to go to in order to study artist management and what classes/ major should I study?

I love music and I want to become an artist manager. I would like to find out more about what it takes to make it into this field. #business #music #singer #performing-arts...


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Erika C. Dec 05, 2014 1270 views

Would being bilingual help in the artist management career?

I am a junior at BCCS interested in a career of artist management and I also know Spanish and want to study Spanish as a second language in college and I would like to know if it would be beneficial to a career in managing artist. #business #management #music #artists...


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Makayla B. Feb 18, 2015 907 views

What are some of the scholarships that they offer at Full Sail University?

Hi, I am Makayla and I am thinking about going to Full Sail University and majoring in film production and or directing. I will minor in screenplay. Does any know what scholarships that they offer? #college #scholarships #film #director #producer...


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Mathew F. Feb 19, 2015 1020 views

How can I become a music artist ?

i am asking this question because i write music like r&b hip hop and i would like to continue this #singer #musician...


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Michaela B. Feb 25, 2015 1180 views

How do you know that you're choosing the right career?

I am really interested in interior design but I am afraid that once I get into the industry that I won't like it and will have wasted my time in college. #college-major #career-choice #experience #interior-design...


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Alexis V. Feb 25, 2015 950 views

How much do musical engineers put into the music?

I am a sophomore in highschool and I want to pursue a field in music. Right now I am leaning towards a musical engineer. As a music engineer how much do you get contribute to the process of creating music?...


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Alexis V. Feb 26, 2015 2430 views

What courses can you take in high school to prepare you for a music degree?

I am a sophomore in highschool and I want to pursue a field in music. Right now I am leaning towards a music engineer. As we are picking our (high school) courses they tell you to try and pick classes that relate to what you want to go to college for. They offer corses for Architecture, web...

#musician #music-degree #music

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Estrella H. Feb 27, 2015 643 views

What kinds of musical careers would be steady and pays well?

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school and I am thinking about getting a degree that has to do with music, but I'm not so sure whether or not that would be a good idea. I know there is the option of becoming a musician of some sorts, but I personally don't exactly have confidence in myself and...

#music-degree #music

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Laura C. Mar 23, 2015 742 views

How do I get internships?

I want to be a pediatrician and I want to know how to get an internship. #medicine #pediatrician...


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Avery J. Mar 24, 2015 982 views

Is it possible for me to make it in the music industry with just a great ear and without a great skill in sight reading?

I'm a great musician. I can play piano, drums and bass guitar really well. But I play only by ear. I can't sight read very well so I substitute that hindrance with my good ear. I've played with many bands without a problem, but I'm not sure if that will change if I make that my career. I know...

#musician #playing-piano #music