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How can I become a music artist ?

i am asking this question because i write music like r&b hip hop and i would like to continue this #singer #musician #artistry

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2 answers

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Daniel’s Answer

I like Claudia's response. A respected music school can get you going. You can even do a short summer college program at many music schools to see what it feels like.
To be an artist it takes tremendous dedication, perseverance, discipline and focus. Lots of people are Amateur musicians. The amateur title is not derogatory it comes from the word to do something cause you "love" it. To be a successful professional music artist it often takes more than the love.....it starts with natural talent and years of development of your gifts and added knowledge. Then massive time for experience and hopefully opportunities to present themselves. Stardom is not the goal and is rarely even relevant Be a music artist if you can't see any other life plan being as important or sustainable. Be one if you feel this burning desire deep inside you. Can you stop singing, writing or playing for weeks .... Most artist I know can not stop themselves. Prince writes 100 songs for every 10 he puts into the world. How many have you written? If the answer is 3, then write 10 this month to challenge yourself and see how it feels. Have many people told you that you have an unusual gift? If not, get out and put yourself in front of others you respect and ask for serious feedback. Go try performing at open mics and showcases and see how people react and how you feel. Is this your favorite place in the world then get ready to try harder and work harder than any other college student on a career track that might yield a predictable life or job with steady employment. Music artists have to be Amateurs first and have day jobs until they get so good people pay them to be full music artists. For many that time may never come. Is that OK with you? I hope this helps. I wish you all the best with your goals and dreams. Find someone who is doing what you would like to be and figure out how they got there. :)

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Claudia’s Answer

Dear Mathew,
Your question is a little cage, but here are some thoughts:
- If you wish to write music for you or others to perform, then maybe going to school for musical composition in your style of choice would be an option.
- If you wish to be part of the music-making process in the worlds of R&B and hip-hop from the technology side, maybe consider audio engineering as a degree.
- You can also become a performer yourself, that being a singer, a guitar or bass guitar player, a drummer, and more. A music performance degree could then be an option.
Good luck,