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What are some of the scholarships that they offer at Full Sail University?

Hi, I am Makayla and I am thinking about going to Full Sail University and majoring in film production and or directing. I will minor in screenplay. Does any know what scholarships that they offer? #college #scholarships #film #director #producer #production

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3 answers

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Ollie’s Answer

Makayla, Full Sail University is a for-profit educational institution. And, judging from their web site they are fairly new to the market. The US Department of Education requires educational institutions to publish, for each major, the number of people who are gainfully employed. For all the majors I looked at on their web site (http://www.fullsail.edu/gedt) they state

"The job placement rate for students who completed this program is *. We are required to calculate this information; however, there were no graduates in this program for the year 2013-14."

Huh? not many of their programs have graduates. How can that be? Do they really have no track record?

Beware. Beware.

Institutions like this sometimes have scammy scholarship policies. They give you lots of loans and scholarship coverage for the first year. But the scholarships say you have to hit a certain grade point average to keep them. NOBODY gets to keep their scholarships for their second, third, or fourth year. So, you've spent a year of your life. You're in debt for the first year loans. And you have to take even more loans to keep going. Some of these institutions prey on your hopes, dreams, and self-confidence. PLEASE be careful, and be hard-nosed, when you deal with colleges, especially the for-profit ones like Phoenix and Full Sail.

If you need the scholarship to go there, you should definitely ask "how many people in my major graduated after having had the scholarship for the whole time they were students?" If they say, "everybody who does well," that's not an answer. Keep asking the question until they say something like "seventeen out of ninety graduates in 2014." Insist on specificity. If they're honest they won't mind telling you the truth.

Lots of people take two years at community college, then go to a state university for the last two years of their bachelors' degrees. That's a good way to get an education without taking on too much debt.

For production and screenwriting training, southern California is where the action is. Cal Arts is a good school. So is USC, but it's expensive. In the east, Mass. College of Art and Design is a state school with good programs you might be interested in.

Have you considered scrambling for an internship at a movie or tv company to get some experience and make sure this is the field for you.

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Claudia’s Answer

I would suggest you research the university's website, and get in contact with their financial aid office for assistance with this question. Don't be shy in asking them all the questions that come to mind. They will be able to provide a lot of information.
Good luck,

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John C.’s Answer

Indeed, do not go to a school like Full Sail. You will not get a good job in the industry afterwards. If you're really serious, go to a program like the one at USC or UCLA. Also, actively find work in the business and start building a portfolio for yourself. You'll need it just to get into a program that will be worth your time and effort.