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Joshua S. Apr 01, 2014 908 views

How do you get into the high level private pilot industry? (like flying CEO of companies)

I want to be a pilot as a private pilot for a CEO or important persn...


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Makayla B. Feb 18, 2015 789 views

What are some of the scholarships that they offer at Full Sail University?

Hi, I am Makayla and I am thinking about going to Full Sail University and majoring in film production and or directing. I will minor in screenplay. Does any know what scholarships that they offer? #college #scholarships #film #director #producer...


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Brendan V. Sep 03, 2015 12241 views

How successful are actors and how likely is it for you to become a good/famous actor?

I am a junior and I want to get into acting but im not sure how successful they are and how likely it is for someone to get high in the acting career like a good actor. Also im not completely sure on how they get...

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Nicki W. Feb 24, 2016 909 views

I'm thinking about going to college to continue on with music producing like in the studio. Can you give me some tips on how to start off the right way and what is some colleges I can look at for music producing?

I am asking this question because my dream is to become a artist and get my music out to the world. As a child all I ever did was sing and make rhymes and a lot of people has told me I got skills. I just want to know more colleges I should attend or look into about music producing and how many...

#music-producer #product-knowledge #musician #songwriting #sound-editing #studio #music #sound-mixing

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Consuelo H. Mar 01, 2016 992 views

Is there any good colleges that have singing or music?

I ask this because I really enjoy music and singing, and I was interested on going to colleges that has music and singing. It would be really helpful! #music #singing...


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Andre K. Mar 01, 2016 819 views

What are some skills that can be developed to become a CEO?

Want some useful and helpful skills to be a successful CEO in the future. #entrepreneur...


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Tamyra L. Mar 02, 2016 716 views

What do I have to major in if i plan to have a career as a music producer

HI I am a senior who is a couple months away from starting my first year as a freshman in college. I have a passion for music, and it is something that i really want to pursue. I was wondering about what would i need to take to be able to qualify to become a music producer. #music...


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lauryn N. Mar 02, 2016 603 views

What majors would I need to look into if I were interested in being a producer and art director.

I am currently a high school senior and I am interested in music, art , and media. I am not set on being a producer and art director, but it had been suggested to me and I am considering it. I would like to know if there are any specific majors I should be seeking and also any other careers...

#media #music #art

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Angel C. Mar 09, 2016 5262 views

If you want to become a singer would it be better to go to a college that focuses on arts, or just a regular college that has things to do with music and singing?

I might want to go to college and do something in music, whether singing or something. And I want to know which will be better. #music #arts #singer #musician #songwriter...


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Maria B. May 07, 2016 731 views

How can I express myself in a career that's hard to find work in?

I wanted to do something in medicine, but when I realized that the bachelor degree I got didn't matter too much I looked for careers that I could get a job with and not be opposed to doing for a while. I decided to do Accounting or Finance with a Business minor since it isn't a difficult career...

#fine-art #production #video-games #advertising #online-gaming #film #design

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MEGAN A. May 09, 2016 493 views

Is double majoring recommended in college?

I'm extremely lucky to be passionate about many things. Mainly, those things include math and music. I can't imagine picking one over the other. Is double majoring a good idea? Will I be swallowed by schoolwork and other responsibilities? #music...


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Jenny L. May 09, 2016 855 views

How do I start my acting career?

Since I want my career to be acting in TV Shows & films, where do I...

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Ignacio S. May 09, 2016 736 views
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July Y. May 19, 2016 699 views

How does one's home or family environment as a child affect their success in gaining an education and a career in their future?

I want to dig deeper beyond the surface by exploring the parts of a person's lifetime that contribute to their character as a grown-up in the college and career world, and whether or not a better or a worse home situation as a child has any affect on their future success. #psychology...


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Marcos M. May 19, 2016 629 views

Does getting a degree in Photography branch out into usable skills like videography?

I am wondering what my options are with a one-dimensional degree to branch out into other fields like mass communications or the movie industry. #film #television #videography #movie-production #personal-development...