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Marcos M. May 19, 2016 670 views

Does getting a degree in Photography branch out into usable skills like videography?

I am wondering what my options are with a one-dimensional degree to branch out into other fields like mass communications or the movie industry. #film #television #videography #movie-production #personal-development...


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Marcos M. May 19, 2016 548 views

How do I break into the field of Photography once I get my bachelors degree? Is there a common process for obtaining interviews? Pros and Cons of fine art vs. commercial fields?

I am close to graduating with a photography degree. I am unsure how to make the transition from student to a full time career in the field of photography. There is fine arts, and commercial. How would I go about either? #art #career-path #photography #fashion-photography #commercial-photography...

#fine-art-photography #art-gallery