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How is I.T used in the music business ?

I love music and i want to merge both my interests. #technology #music #information

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2 answers

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Claudia’s Answer

Lovell, in addition to what Alex Holz replied earlier, there are are many opportunities for you to combine I.T. and music in the creative process as well, as a composer (popular, concert, and film music), a performer, an audio designer, and more.

The gap between these two fields, IT and music, is virtually non-existent these days. We (the classical music industry) have grown quite dependent of technology. From the administrative/business side of the arts, IT is present in everything: our daily communications, our box office and ticket sales systems, patron information management, payroll, staged productions, music library database, etc.

I just did a quick search online of schools's programs that involve both of your passions, and quickly came about these programs:

UMass - http://www.uml.edu/FAHSS/music/SRT/Sound-Recording-Technology.aspx
Berklee - http://www.berklee.edu/majors/electronic-production-and-design

There are many more ideas to explore, and Boston is a great town for you to find a path that helps you work on your two passions.

Good luck!

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Alex’s Answer

Many many many ways - like any business (especially those focused on providing digital services, such as YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, etc.) having great I.T. focused personnel is a must. Database administrators + analysts are always in demand. If you can code, all the better, though it's not a requirement.