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Erika Dec 05, 2014 1857 views

Would being bilingual help in the artist management career?

I am a junior at BCCS interested in a career of artist management and I also know Spanish and want to study Spanish as a second language in college and I would like to know if it would be beneficial to a career in managing artist. #business #management #music #artists #artist-management

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Erika Dec 01, 2014 1714 views

what college would I need to go to in order to study artist management and what classes/ major should I study?

I love music and I want to become an artist manager. I would like to find out more about what it takes to make it into this field. #business #music #singer #performing-arts #artist-management

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Erika Nov 24, 2014 1460 views

what would it be like to manage a musician and what kind of things are artist managers involved in?

I'm a junior looking into colleges and majors that have to do with artist management. I love music and going to concerts has always been one of my favorite things to do. I would like to learn more about what someone who manages an artist would be doing. I've heard that most managers are in...