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What does travel nursing entail?

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2 answers

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M. Scott’s Answer

Nurse David did an excellent job describing the basics of what travel nursing entails. However, there are many pros & cons to travel nursing. I have attached a video by nurse Yaya Zoe listing the pros & cons. She does an excellent job of helping you make an informed decision on whether or not travel nursing is for you.
Good luck!


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David’s Answer

Travel nursing has a lot of components. First and foremost, you are a nurse. The only difference between a travel nurse and a staff nurse (a nurse employed by a hospital) is that you work on a contract, typically 13 weeks, at a facility away from home. The pay is generally more than that of a staff nurse to help cover the cost. Most travel companies require at least a year of experience in your specialty.

While the opportunity is there to make a lot of money and travel while you do it, you have to know your stuff. Your orientation is less than one day and you are expected to hit the floor running.