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what do we do when we change what we want to go to college for?

Asked Torrington, Connecticut

We are all pressured in high school to know what we want to do for a career when we grow up but how should we know? What happens if we get into $50,000 in debt for college to become a vet and then realize we want to be a police officer? Then what do we do? #debt

2 answers

Fred N.’s Answer

Updated Hillsdale, New Jersey
Dear Hailey, Going to college - - and becoming a police officer - - are not mutually exclusive. A police officer with a college education will likely have better opportunities for being hired and being promoted, than one who does not have a college degree. And, you may find that as you finish college (even if it is going part-time after becoming a police officer), you may have career ideas that go beyond your initial interests. I hope that helps. Good luck! Regards, Fred

Simona’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
Hi Hailey, I agree that this is hard to know when you first get out of high school. Sometimes people don't figure this out until they've been in their careers for many years then they start over. My advice is to see what programs exist for the new field you want to go into. Sometimes there are programs that let you earn experience and will pay for your student loans. For instance, some government agencies will pay off your student loans when you work for the agency for so many years. In other instances, the private sector may offer to pay for school if you work part time and attend school.
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