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I need a job for during the summers.

I'm going out of state for college and I need a job during school and during the summer but i'll be going home for the summer's and I don't know how i'll be able to keep a job. #college-jobs

Hi Catherine, great question. Lots of small jobs are willing to give students a summer job, just make sure you inform them that after the summer you will be going back to school out of state. Consider working in a library. If you know how to swim, you could be a lifeguard at your local pool. Maybe you could work as a babysitter or work in a daycare if you like being around kids. Or you could research and find paid internship opportunities that are related to your field of study. I hope this helps and I wish you the best! Mireia R.

You could work on campus during the academic year and pursue summer jobs like those listed above. Additionally, you may want to consider online options such as digital marketing, social media maintenance, transcription person, etc. Sabina B.

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Casey’s Answer

Hi Catherine! This is a great question and is a problem I faced in college as well. I have two potential ideas for you.

First is to have two jobs, a separate job at school and another job that you can have when you are home for the summers. You can start by searching for jobs nearby your college or even at your college. There are tons of student worker positions at colleges and universities such as being a tour guide. Just check out your schools website for more information. The flip side, you will have to go job hunting when you get home from college. One option, would be to seek out an internship in the field you are studying in. Otherwise, you could try check out jobs online or in your area. I personally worked as a camp counselor or a lifeguard during the summers because they were seasonal positions that I could come back to each year.

Second option is to find a job working for a company that has stores in both locations. I had a friend in college worked at a retail store in college and during breaks they would have their managers transfer them to a store at home so they could work short time. If you work a large company, they typically have store in both places and would be willing to work with you.

Good luck in your job search!