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Will I overcome all the odds against me?

I am asking this question because i want to be a role model to future generations. I want the, to know that i overcame all odds and so they can have me as motivation. #changetheworld

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11 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Edwin! As someone who has also overcome many odds you can! First, find good and positive people around you that believe you. Sometimes people are scared that they won't succeed and they cast that light onto others. Listen to your inner voice, that gut feeling you have is true; if you believe you can do something and you believe you can be successful you can. However this means working hard and aspiring; if you face an obstacle or have a setback it doesn't mean the end, at least this is what I realized. I think it means a new path and to grow more. For example I was someone who mostly got Ds and Cs in my classes when I was young and honestly I thought I wasn't that smart but then I worked hard and dedicated myself. I realized that while being smart may be helpful, it's about discipline, dedication and passion that you put into the work you do! In the end I became a tutor for others and one that received positive feedback so therefore I beat the odd that was presented to me as a young student. Don't give up, everyone has odds against them but how we approach them defines our success! As a last note great hashtag- remember you may not be able to change the world for everyone but by being one role model, one helping hand for someone, you may change the world for them!

I hope this helps!
I wish you the best!

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Thomas’s Answer

'All' odds is an immense concept and the simple answer is 'No way'. A more useful approach might be to separate out the individual odds you feel are against you. What questions can I ask that would help me address my sense of overwhelm and hone my clarity of focus? How can I improve my communication skills? How about language skills, do I need help to work on my speaking ability, one-to-one, and group presentations? There are so many dynamic tools to help you become a better speaker and a more professional writer.

Additional concrete questions would include: How can I become a better interviewee? What are the technical skills I can learn that would help me become a better job candidate, improve my odds of success? Do I need to become a web designer or programmer to do the kinds of projects that interest me? Biotech labwork? Do I prefer working alone or with diverse teams? Am I a big picture person or do I like to get down in the weeds to solve a problem? Do sales or customer support interest me? Who are my role models in music, the performing arts, politics, or among the rock star entrepreneurs we keep hearing about? Who do I want to be and who do I want to reach?

There are many exciting questions we can pose to help narrow down the universe of possibilities. Your social media profile can be enhanced, from Linkedin to Instagram to many others. You can learn to tell your story in a way that is appealing and yours alone. Take heart, practice optimism and genuine enthusiasm, and keep working at being a better learner.

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Lara’s Answer

Hi there Edwin,

You can absolutely overcome anything as long as you have the burning desire to succeed, a positive mindset, and consistent habits.

Having daily, short-term and long-term goals is a must. For each goal, give yourself a deadline and take on challenges as each day comes.
I strongly recommend the “ 7 checklist items for success” by Jean G. Mathurin, M. D. This is one of the best books I have read on how to stay motivated when I felt overwhelmed thinking all odds were against me. This book helped me significantly and I learned to start every day with gratitude and a focus on my daily goal. Another book I recommend to you is "Thinking and Growing Rich". Everyday complete tasks that will bring you closer to your short-term goal which will eventually help you achieve your long-term goal! Stay positive and never lose hope. You will get there!

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Luis’s Answer

Will I overcome all the odds against me?

Dear Edwin,

You ask, "Will I overcome all the odds against me?" Maybe - that's my answer.

The fact is I have never met anyone who has overcome all the challenges in their life. But, that doesn't mean you don't try. And it doesn't mean you won't have great successes in your life and career. It just means that life and the universe have a funny way of constantly throwing up new and, at times, insurmountable challenges. Your job as a human being is to constantly struggle to improve and be the best possible person you can be in your time on this planet.

You say you want to be a role model for future generations. That's great. Start, though, by being an inspiration to your family, friends and classmates. And then build on that success and focus on the people outside your immediate circle.

Edwin, I grew up poor. My mother was a single parent. I faced a lot of challenges. I have overcome many but not all of my challenges. For instance, I have been an adult for more than thirty years and yet I still struggle with eating right and exercising well. Imperfection is part of the human condition. So, too, is the drive to improve.



PS I agree with Ms. Fletcher's suggestions above for next steps. She provides sensible and concrete advice.

Luis recommends the following next steps:

Draft a 500 word essay about what success looks like to you. Put another way, describe the best possible you in 500 words.

Great comment Luis Jacynta Brewton

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Wayne’s Answer

You can definitely overcome all of the odds! It starts with your mindset, begin setting goals toward your dreams and mark your progress. Your goals should be (for example) specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and have a time sent when you want to achieve it! Celebrate your success and small victories, but be persistent and consistent with your efforts. Also, find time to rest and balance the other areas of your life (family, finances, friends, hobbies, faith, commitments, entertainment...) The odds aren’t against you, they are for you, no matter your limitations- they only serve as motivation, and you can win!

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Geoffrey’s Answer

Hi Edwin,
If you want to be a model to others, you must first be a model to yourself. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Most important, what do you want to change? Don't pick something generic. You need to look for something specific where you can make a difference now, then use that momentum to find and do the next thing. Can't find anything? Start small. If you see someone in a tough spot, smile at them. If the cashier is having a bad day, be patient. All you really need to do is to notice the things you wish jerks would stop doing and do the opposite and you're already making the world a better place.

Others have mentioned the problem with overcoming the odds. Nobody overcomes every challenge. Can you imagine a superhero movie where even Superman never faces a struggle? Pretty boring. Recovering from setbacks and finding a different direction, though, that's a learning experience that will help you grow. And it will help you provide a model for those who actually need one, those who are struggling.

Before you can change the world, you have to change yourself. You have to become a person who does things a little differently so you can get different results. Look for ways to make little changes that add up to big changes and you'll change the world every day.

Geoffrey recommends the following next steps:

Find one SMALL thing about the world you would like to make better and take a SMALL action to move things in that direction. Repeat.

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Karlene’s Answer

You absolutely can! One of the biggest challenges is overcoming limiting self-belief. The question can be re-phrased so that you are asking 'How will I overcome?' This viewpoint allows you to focus on possible solutions or actions. Focus on breaking issues down, identify what they are and how they make you feel. Understanding the root cause is key to knowing how to begin to address challenges but remember to pay attention to what you learnt about yourself in the process as challenge often times leads to growth.

Karlene recommends the following next steps:


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Anupam’s Answer

One has to be a good human being, which means never do bad to others. If you do good and never take a wrong path that harms or puts anyone in trouble then you are dong good. Your mental status will be always be good and you will live in peace with satisfaction. You will have to understand your responsibilities and accordingly take up work or business that directs yourself towards your aspiration. You yourself can become your role model. Never try to mimic anybody because every individual on this earth is unique and comes with a unique set of qualities that matches with none. Everyone has certain strengths and weaknesses that defines a person's behavior and social image. Never underestimate yourself but at the same time always keep your eyes and mind open to learn new things that brings good to you and the society. One day you yourself can be come your role model.

Anupam recommends the following next steps:

For knowing how to be one own role model you have read biographies of great personalities like Nelson Mandela, A P J Abdul Kalam, Stephen Hawking, J K Rowling, Mother Teressa etc. But remember one thing that your parents and your teachers are the best ROLE MODELS you will have in life to know life. Best of luck

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Ronald’s Answer

Hello Edwin,

I want to share with you what my former teacher instilled in me. It is a general statement, however I sincerely believe it carries a lot of weight as it relates to life and career success. "Those who want it the most make it." It comes down to determination, hard work, and asking for help. Also, success has plenty to do with happiness, your happiness. I would like you to watch a TEDX video by the author Shaun Anchor.  His book is called The Happiness Advantage.

Ronald recommends the following next steps:

Watch: https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work

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La-Toya’s Answer

Yes! It first starts with you. Changes in the way you think and approach your challenges is key. Fixed v. Growth Mindset: Fixed: Believes that knowledge and skills are fixed traits that can’t be change. Avoids challenges/doesn’t like to fail. Blames others for failures.  Doesn’t attempt to improve/change. Growth: Believes that knowledge/skills can be developed with hard work. Sees failures as a chance to grow. Seek opportunities to improve/change. Not afraid to fail. 

La-Toya recommends the following next steps:

Steps: Place obstacles into distinct categories. Break obstacles down into smaller, actionable parts. Try to see obstacles as opportunities for growth. Commit to making positive changes. Deal with challenges as they occur. Do something every day that brings you closer to your goal. Be open to different definitions of success. Find good mentors.

I love the book “Mindset” by Dr. Carol Dweck, who discusses the ideas mentioned here by La-Toya. It’s a great foundation for resilience in life and highly recommended! Christine James

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Anthony’s Answer

You can overcome anything you put your mind and energy to overcome. We often have the answers right in front of us, but we may not always see them as solutions. Always take time to write your challenges down on paper and then some solutions you may want to consider.