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Edwin G. Jan 17, 2018 348 views

Will I overcome all the odds against me?

I am asking this question because i want to be a role model to future generations. I want the, to know that i overcame all odds and so they can have me as motivation....


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jason C. Jan 21, 2018 252 views

Why should anyone care about what I do?

In general, individual achievement is negligible. How does anyone get anyone else interested in the contributions of anyone? More specifically, interested enough to concern themselves with the education and improvement of the individual....


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William H. Nov 03, 2018 227 views

help with deciding please

I'm William. I have a bachelor degree oof general sstudies major communication. I have a associate degree ggeneral studies. I like audio recording aand editing, writing, media, cyber, reading, history. I have lots of interests and would love help for focusing on a career. #questions #career...

#confused #entry