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help with deciding please

I'm William. I have a bachelor degree oof general sstudies major communication. I have a associate degree ggeneral studies. I like audio recording aand editing, writing, media, cyber, reading, history. I have lots of interests and would love help for focusing on a career.

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2 answers

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi William,

I answered a similar question from another student a while ago. The link to my advice on how to decide on a major is below.

I hope this helps you! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at sarahhighstoneATgmail. Good luck & thanks!

Sarah Highstone

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Luis’s Answer

Hi, William.

First off, don't worry too much about focusing on a specific career path just yet. Worry instead about getting a first job. What your first job will do is provide you with a set of transferable job skills and a close-up look at a specific career. Your first job will not define your professional trajectory.

How do you get that first job?

In general, the first step is to pursue an internship while still in school. However, it sounds like you have already graduated. The good news is that many workplaces now offer internships to those who graduated less than a year ago.

If an internship is not an option (maybe you graduated more than a year ago), then I suggest you focus on finding paid part-time work in fields where experience is not a prerequisite. That's true for some restaurant work, retail jobs and parts of the healthcare industry. Maybe you can turn some of your interests (audio recording and editing) into freelance assignments. The freelance gigs and part-time work will help bolster your resume and your confidence. Just make sure that you keep looking for full-time work in a field that interests you.

Whatever you decide to do, I ask you to not place your life on hold while you continue your job search. Move forward. Keep looking.


Luis Clemens

Luis recommends the following next steps:

Contact ten recent graduates of your school that majored in Communications and ask them about their work. Ask them for advice in getting started.