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Ellise S. May 24, 2016 1109 views

What advice would you provide a para-professional that is looking to enter the field of Higher Education Student Affairs with an interest to become a university Provost?

I am looking into obtaining my Master's of Higher Education Student Affairs and currently serve as a College Advisor. My long term goals include becoming a motivational speaker for higher education and working with students who are in that transitional part of high school and college. I would...

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Timothy G. May 01, 2017 755 views

Should I go to an art college?

Hello, I was wondering if you think it would be beneficial for me to go to an art college? As of right now, I am traditional artist, taking classes at community college, who has an interest in learning more about digital art because of the many opportunities available for people who can...

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PRISCILLA Y. Jun 17, 2017 5491 views

I am currently in my second year of college, and I still am undecided on my major.

I am currently in my second year of college, and I still am undecided on what to get my degree in. I have taken personality tests, spoke to counselors, spoke to friends but I still feel as if I am lost and my heart doesn't know what it wants. I need help. #psychology #career-counseling...


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Alex W. Mar 25, 2018 690 views

How do I know what to do in the future?

There are so many things that are possible and I am interested in so many different things, how on earth am I supposed to limit it down to just one or two? Psychology, Law, History, Forensics, and so much more....


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Zachary H. Mar 27, 2018 355 views

How do I decide what to major in?

Learning fascinates me, and I want to do everything I possibly can, but I can't imagine nailing myself down to one major or career. #college-major...


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Elise C. Mar 28, 2018 400 views

How does one decide a major?

Deciding what I would like to study and pursue potentially for the rest of my life is a little nerve-raking and important decision. I do not know if the smartest decision is to base my major solely off of my interests....


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William H. Nov 03, 2018 226 views

help with deciding please

I'm William. I have a bachelor degree oof general sstudies major communication. I have a associate degree ggeneral studies. I like audio recording aand editing, writing, media, cyber, reading, history. I have lots of interests and would love help for focusing on a career. #questions #career...

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Nancy O. Apr 28 237 views

I can't figure out which Information Technology (IT) that are still on demand?

I have to pick one of this specialization: *Forensic Specialization *Web Design and Development *IT Management and Administration #technology #computer #information-technology # #programming #help #ondemandjob #future #covid19 #career #careercoach...


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Austin M. May 01 120 views

What will the state of horticulture be in five years.

What will the wages be and how will it grow?...