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Career Questions tagged Art College

Lani’s Avatar
Lani Oct 29, 2020 328 views

If my strengths are painting and hobbies are drawing, what types of careers or industries might best fit me?

I'm 16 and I'm in the GED program I like to draw and paint a lot. #art #GEDprogram #high-school #animation #art-college #artist

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Aug 15, 2018 619 views

What are the best colleges for Fine Arts? Like Animation and Culinary Arts?

#art #animation #culinaryarts #art-college #arts #artist

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor May 21, 2018 512 views

What is a good way to improve your skills in art?

I would like to know any tips on how to improve faster specifically with coloring pieces. #arts #art-college

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy May 01, 2017 1143 views

Should I go to an art college?

Hello, I was wondering if you think it would be beneficial for me to go to an art college? As of right now, I am traditional artist, taking classes at community college, who has an interest in learning more about digital art because of the many opportunities available for people who can...

Sara’s Avatar
Sara May 22, 2016 951 views

What can someone do with an art major?

I am very interested in visual art like painting, drawing, and photography. I am not sure I could get a good paying job though. #art #photography #arts #art-college #drawing-and-painting

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 18, 2016 732 views

Are the study abroad programs a good thing to do for my career while in college?

I would love to study abroad and I don't know if the cost will be worth it in the long run for a career in art. #college-majors #international #study-abroad #courses #art-college

Daria’s Avatar
Daria May 29, 2015 1606 views

What is the difference between art school, College, and Community college?

I'm a ninth grader trying to make my future more clear, and I'm aiming for art school but I'm not sure what all the differences are. #college #art-college

Elliston’s Avatar
Elliston Mar 17, 2015 1268 views

What are the general materials needed to be an anime artist?

I have some different types of pencils and one type of inking pen. But I want to know what I need in order to make a manga or a professional art piece. #professional #art-college #anime

Keith’s Avatar
Keith Feb 19, 2015 923 views

What art activities should I do to pursue a college of the arts?

I am interested in going to Julliard and would like to know what extra curricular activities or in school activities i should do? Example like Chorus or Theater Arts. #college #arts #theater #art-college #the-arts #julliard

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 06, 2014 1163 views

What would I need to get a master degree on in college, in order to become a music teacher?

I'm a sophomore in high school, looking for a career in music. I'm thinking about becoming a music teacher because, I've always enjoyed this field myself, and would love to share it with other. To spark someone else's passion in the arts. #teacher #music #art-college

Sage’s Avatar
Sage Apr 29, 2014 1511 views

To go into graphic design, should I go to an art college, or a normal college that has a strong art program?

I am really interested in art, math, science, and computers, and I've been thinking about going into graphic design. I was wondering whether it's better to go to a college focused on art, or just one that has a strong art program. Also, would I want to put together a portfolio if I decided to...