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Are the study abroad programs a good thing to do for my career while in college?

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I would love to study abroad and I don't know if the cost will be worth it in the long run for a career in art. #college-majors #international #study-abroad #courses #art-college

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Gwendolyn’s Answer


Hi Kayla,

I have degrees in Studio Art and Graphic Design. I studied abroad during my first degree and it was life-changing. While you may not think it helps a career in art, the things you accomplish in college can be the things that propel your career. Not only does studying abroad give you wonderful personal experience, it gives you an edge when applying for jobs. There are lots of locations you could travel which are relevant, particularly in art history. Most cities in Europe, for example, have a lot to offer in museums and architecture. I studied abroad in Italy and was able to see more art than I ever could have seen by simply taking a vacation. Good luck to you.