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Julie Apr 29, 2014 1417 views

What are the differences between being an international student and studying abroad?

Several colleges offer studying abroad programs for their students around their Junior year. I've noticed lately that there are colleges that are from a country outside my own that offer an enrollment application for out-of-country students, and I was wondering about how the two could be...

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Briana Mar 26, 2014 1585 views

how can I become an international journalist like for BBC World News or something similar?

I am writer and I am passionate about world issues. I plan to double major in journalism and audio/recording/studio engineering. Journalism is a career I am deeply considering alongside recording engineering. However, I like discussing world issues, and I like to explore the context of...

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Kayla May 18, 2016 924 views

Are the study abroad programs a good thing to do for my career while in college?

I would love to study abroad and I don't know if the cost will be worth it in the long run for a career in art. #college-majors #international #study-abroad #courses #art-college

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Gage May 19, 2016 754 views

What are some of the best scholarships to apply for? Where can I find them?

I am trying to save up as much money as I can for college. I am currently a sophomore in High School and figured I should start applying for some scholarships now. Where could a find a few good ones? Thank you! #finance #scholarships #financial-aid

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aylin Oct 25, 2019 3089 views

if you could do it all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself? if not, what would you changes?

#science #chemistry

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Doctor Professor Patrick Apr 10, 2013 2517 views

What type of jobs are available for people with a major in chemistry?

I am considering majoring in chemistry and it would be extremely helpful to know the type of jobs in that field. #science #chemistry

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Joyce Oct 30, 2018 1007 views

What is the typical breakdown of loans versus grants?

I was thinking about applying for a loan but I am not sure I will be eligible for one, how do I go about figuring this out? #student-loans #college #loans #finance #money

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Flora Mar 24, 2014 1219 views

Which industries would want a Bachelor of Science degree graduate other than the pharmaceutical industry and public health field?

Without a master's degree, which industries or employers would hire someone with a Bachelor of Science degree?

#finance #public-health #pharmaceutical-industry #science-education

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David Oct 22, 2016 882 views

I need to find the best scholarships for me

It is just my mom and myself and I would like to graduate college with as little debt as possible. #scholarships #admissions-counseling

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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 859 views

How can an international student find scholarships?

I have lived for 11 years in the Unites States but, because of my documents I have to identify myself to colleges as an International student. A struggle that I've been facing is the search for scholarships, most of them are for US citizens or permanent residents, which leads me to the...

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violet Oct 23, 2019 660 views

what do i have to do

I am a good person also I am great at math #math #college #education

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Andrew Sep 28, 2018 1082 views

What can I do with a general mathematics degree?

I am not particularly gifted at applied mathematics but am successful when dealing with plain numbers and formulas. #math #college