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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 781 views

How hard is engineering for a girl?

Next year I would be studying mechanical engineering in a four year university, I've heard various times that the work field in engineering is extremely tough, and for girls it's even harder because of the lack of girls in STEM. I know that going into that career you need to have a strong...

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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 686 views

How do you find internships?

In college I would like to have an internship involving robotics, it is a specific area of engineering in which I don't know if there's going to be a lot of internships opportunities. If you had the chance to do an internship in college, how were you able to participate in it? and, what advice...

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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 633 views

In college, what is the best way to meet new people with the same interest?

In a couple of months I am going to start my freshman year of college and I am sometimes shy when it comes to meeting new people. So what is your best advice in getting to meet new people and managing my shyness?

#how-to-overcome-shyness #interaction #good-friends

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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 841 views

How can an international student find scholarships?

I have lived for 11 years in the Unites States but, because of my documents I have to identify myself to colleges as an International student. A struggle that I've been facing is the search for scholarships, most of them are for US citizens or permanent residents, which leads me to the...

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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 542 views

What is the most adequate study group size?

In college there are various group studies with all kinds of people, in your experience, what is the most adequate and effective way to study? what size group and where?

#studygroups #team-work