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What are the best colleges for Fine Arts? Like Animation and Culinary Arts?

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Carlos’s Answer

Abigail the best advice I can give you is to research the schools that have both Animation and culinary arts then visit them all and make your decision based on which school suits you best. San Francisco, Los Angeles both have colleges with good culinary and animation departments you just have to find the right fit for yourself. Research is your best tool once you visit the schools you'll know which one to apply to and if you want to go in either profession remember to take it seriously because both are very good professions to get into and can have along career in both. I believe you'll find the school of your choice and end up having a great career. Good luck Abigail!!

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Jonathan’s Answer

While both creative pursuits, this are two very different career paths.

Can you tell me more about your long-term career options you are considering and what about those careers are interesting to you?

Hello Abigail, The best school for either one of those career paths is the one that you choose to be the best for you. The process of finding a school to go to should involve you visiting the college or at the very least, calling to talk to them about it. I would search top ten animation schools of the past 3-5 years. Some animation colleges focus on comic illustration and story-boarding. Some focus on 3D animation. Some focus on just painting. As for culinary, it is the same. Some colleges focus on baking and some on fine dining. Once you find the school that fits your little niche of each then I would research schools within that niche. I know it isn't a post that says go to CAL Arts or better yet go to SCAD. http://coreyeverett.artstation.com Corey Everett