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fashion design

I understand that many colleges provide internships for students studying in Fashion Design, however, after college, is it hard to find a good job within the fashion field? Especially for students looking to start their own businesses, how would one go about being noticed by bigger businesses? #internships

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Brianna,

Here´ll come some tips:

  • Apply for internships while you are still in school. The best way to get a head start on your career with a fashion company is to start working in the field as soon as you are able. Check to see if your school has any connections to internships at larger companies. Keep applying if you fail to get an internship right away.

  • Seek an entry-level job. Most fashion companies have a very traditional structure starting with internships and moving up to entry-level positions. The following are some good jobs to apply for: Sales representative, Store manager, Personal assistant, Junior visual merchandiser, Design assistant, Assistant buyer.

  • Stay on top of trends and hot brands with daily visits to blogs and cool online stores (try and Then use your expertise to start your own trend spotting blog. It'll help you develop and organize your ideas and get feedback from others.

  • Retail experience is key to helping you get a feel for how to sell to all types (and sizes) of customers. So head to your favorite store, ask to see the manager, and apply for a job.

  • When you factor in rent, electricity, and the price of clothes to stock the shop, opening a boutique can cost about $75,000. With a mapped-out business plan and good credit (your credit card payments have always been on time), you can get a jump-start with a government small-business loan. Check for info.

  • Once a shop is established, the owner takes her pay from the profit (what's left after all the bills are paid) and can make up to $100,000 a year.

  • A degree in marketing or business will also give you the skills you'll need to run a shop.