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What are some easy ways to network and create relationships in college with people that have similar interests as myself?

I plan on attending a large public university, so there will obviously be other students that I have similar interests with. However, I have noticed that college students tend to keep to themselves. Knowing different programs and organizations that will promote deep relationships with other students would be very helpful! #college #social #networking

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2 answers

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Joe’s Answer

Hi Mason, a lot of colleges will have a large event at the beginning of the year that showcases all of the groups that are within the college. Spend some time visiting groups that seem interested to you. College groups also spend time advertising so just keep your eyes open and you'll see plenty of opportunities!

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Mr.’s Answer

Mason H,

I have listed certain steps that should help you in any situation to succeed.

Mr. recommends the following next steps:

Be sociable
Examine your peer's attitudes
Ask for personal contact information
Utilize prudence
Ask questions especially concerning a common ground topic.