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Can you ask an employer for the adverage salary?

Asked North Carolina, North Carolina

#interviewing I am heading into interviews and was wondering if it was ok to ask an employer/interviewer what the average pay was for a certain position in their company. Is this appropriate to ask or should I just use websites like Indeed?

5 answers

Poonam’s Answer

Updated Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


It presumably goes without saying that questioning how much remuneration you could get is forbidden inside the initial couple of minutes (see likewise: seconds) of your interview.

Not just would it show you’re more intrigued by the money than you are for the job, it could likewise infer that you don’t have much to offer as far as aptitudes and experience.

Along these lines, before you begin to consider the amount you’re making, ensure you cover the various interview bases first. That includes, aspects like skills and experience.

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Andrea’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

And just to add to the great comments above, more and more cities (Boston, NY, San Francisco as an example) are prohibiting employers from asking about your current or former salary.

As Allison said, salary will come up in the conversations, but don't be the first person to throw out a number. If you haven't been asked about the salary range by the second interview, you should feel confident and OK to ask "What is the salary range for this role?"

Mario’s Answer

Updated Allentown, Pennsylvania

It is generally frowned upon to directly ask for the salary but I did learn one trick that has worked for me in the past. If in an interview you're asked by the recruiter or interviewer how much you're expecting to make, I respond with my own question; "Does this position have a salary range? I'm flexible with salary."

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

Hi Laurel, Im not sure there is an ‘average salary’ necessarily, and an employer is going to pay you as little as they can while still being competitive. That said, I think you could say something like, “The industry range for this position in this region is this to this. Will this role likely be paying something close to this range for a qualified applicant?” They might ask you, at that point, what your desired salary is and then what your salary was at your last job. Its okay to ask for more than your last job as long as you can justify how you’ve advanced your skills and business value.

Good luck and feel free to contact me directly for additional questions!

Allison’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Yes, you can ask. Wait until they ask you what salary you are expecting to earn. Then be sure to bounce the ball back to them by asking what range they had in mind or was budgeted for that role. They should come back with a range. NEVER EVER drop a number or range first. You will be low-balled. Always make sure they throw out a number first. Then decide from there if you are comfortable with that. Good luck!