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Lisa Towles

Senior Manager of Operations at HCL Technologies
Information Technology and Services
Oakland, California
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Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Nov 17, 2022 83 views

Do employers look at what college you went to when hiring?

Do certain colleges look better on resumes than others for nursing?

Dale’s Avatar
Dale Sep 08, 2022 267 views

1. What will be my primary responsibilities as an employee of a cybersecurity company / business #cybersecurity

I love to work alone.

Griffin’s Avatar
Griffin Oct 02, 2021 263 views

How do I become an FBI agent / Detective?

I am in my first year of college, with a major of criminal justice. I want to go into Detective work, maybe a homicide detective or even work in the FBI. But I don’t know how to get there. I’m thinking about joining the Army or Air Force reserve here in the next year or so as well. I just don’t...

Ranjit’s Avatar
Ranjit Oct 03, 2021 1125 views

How to create an attractive portfolio as a UI/UX designer?

I'm thinking of pursuing a career in UI/UX designing and right now I am finding an internship. But I have no idea how to start with my portfolio.
#internship #design #graphic-design

Cassidy’s Avatar
Cassidy Jan 13, 2018 1966 views

How can I kill my college interview?

I have to do an interview for a scholarship, and I am very nervous. Any advice? #interviews #interviewing-skills #advice #college-interview #scholarships #scholarship-interview #interview-questions #interview-preparation #interviewing

Laurel’s Avatar
Laurel Jan 18, 2018 961 views

Can you ask an employer for the adverage salary?

#interviewing I am heading into interviews and was wondering if it was ok to ask an employer/interviewer what the average pay was for a certain position in their company. Is this appropriate to ask or should I just use websites like Indeed?

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Jan 21, 2018 719 views

What are some tips you can give to someone who is job interviewing and the person who is doing your interview is two times younger then you and you sense that the age difference is not an issue for you but seems to make the interviewer uncomfortable?

I have been within the work force for some time; 30 years to be exact; I am running into interviewers that are younger and find themselves thrown by interviewing me. The 80/20 rule of interviewing goes out the window and they seem to do all the talking like they are the ones selling...

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Jan 16, 2018 902 views

Can I get a good job in the IT field without taking some of the CompTIA Certs?

#information-technology-and-services #information-technology #certifications