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Why does education have to cost so much

I’m looking into colleges and the colleges I have applied and been accepted at are very expensive and I think a burden on my parents. #tuition

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Raven’s Answer

Hello Olivia!

I understand the stress and concern on the cost of college, as a college grad one of the things that I looked into when applying were the Financial Aid programs that the school offered. Many if not all schools have programs set up to help students with college expenses. I myself was part of my colleges EOP (Equal Opportunity Program) this was a life saver for me and my family, especially since I was independent. Also look into scholarships. There's a scholarship out there for everything and I mean everything!!

Raven recommends the following next steps:

Look into Financial Aid
Scholarships/ Scholarship programs
Private Scholarships offered by College of your choice (colleges hold their own scholarships, look into this)
Find out if the college has an EOP