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What's the best way to avoid getting distracted when studying?

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First , you need to sit in a study room that's equipped with all needful materials for a focused study for example , a study desk with sufficient light and your study materials such as a note book and your computer . Second, close all devices other than your laptop . Third , have a plan of how to study .

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Azur, the human attention span is generally under 20 minutes, i.e. you can and should expect to get distracted. It is simply our nature to be distracted. What is important is to recognize when you are distracted, acknowledge it, and return your focus on your task. Of course, if you know there are things that easily distract you (for example, your phone notifications for incoming text messages, etc), you should plan how to minimize these distractions or interruptions. You can even hook up the distraction awareness to a productive task - i.e. when you realize you are distracted, look far away from your screen or book to give your eyes some rest or get up and stretch or do both.

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Hi Azur! I think your question was answered here:
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