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Best source for preparing Railway Exams?

What are the best source for preparing Railway exams 2018? studying exams railway entrance-exams studying-tips

Railway Recruitment Board is one of the most popular organisation which recruits aspirant for the various posts in Indian Railway. Cracking this exam is not that much easy for the aspirants, this is because the competition level is too much high in RRB. Having top- notch study material is the essential thing for preparing any exam. As my opinion, you must solve <a href="">RRB Previous Year Question Paper</a> for best results. Previous year papers help to find the difficulty level of the exam and also gives an idea about the types of questions that will be asked in it. So, I hope my answer is helpful to you. RAVI M.
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3 answers

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Sachin’s Answer

Hello Ishan ,

Below are few books which can help you to prepare for the exam , Please let me know if need any further information .

Name of books Author/ Publication
Traffic Apprentice Editorial board Pratiyogita Darpan
Arithmetic R.S Aggarwal
Upkar Railway Recruitment Board Examination Khanna & Verma
Quicker reasoning test Upkar Publication
Reasoning test R.S. Aggarwal
Railway Recruitment Board Exam Upkar Publication
Verbal & nonverbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
English Grammar Wren and Martin
15 Practice Sets Indian Railways JE Recruitment Exam Arihant Experts
RRB Technical Exam Dr. Chandresh Agrawal
Indian Railways – Group ‘D’ Recruitment Exam Guide RPH Editorial Board
Railway Psychological Test (English) Kiran Prakashan
RRB Technical (Electrical Engineering) Dr. Chandresh Agrawal
Objective General Science Expert Compilations
Railway Mechanical Engineering PWB (English) Kiran Prakashan
Practice Workbook: Indian Railway Group-D Recruitment Exam Arihant Experts
SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam) GKP
Study Guide RRB Mechanical Engineering PB
Indian Railways Assistant Loco Pilot Exam Disha Experts
RRB Railway Recruitment Board Technical CBH Editorial Board
Railway Psychological Test with 190 sets Kiran Prakashan

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Khaja Masood’s Answer

Hello Ishan ,

Below are few online resources that will be helpful in your preparation for Railways.

-wifi study

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Rakesh’s Answer

Join a coaching institute