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Should I keep dancing to get into college?

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A loaded question, for sure.
I've been dancing ballet since I was four and really loved it for most of my life. Like, really loved it - so much so that I moved across the country to live with my dance teacher and did online school in order to dance full time. But after two insanely amazing and horrifically difficult years I have decided that dance is not what I want to pursue professionally; it's just too volatile a profession for me. I have moved back home and am back in regular high school in the IB program, and it's super time-consuming and difficult. Should I keep on devoting 20+ hours a week of my life to ballet, knowing that I have no intention of making it my career, in hopes that it makes me stand out to colleges? Should I quit?
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I have been a dancer for 18 plus years and I would not trade it for anything. I get to impact many lives as a hip-hop instructor as well as a DJ performer and Entertainer who now owns his own company. Hope this helps.