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How do you get over your fear of going into a career that is not necessarily "secure" or a safe route, because it has to do with so much networking?

I'm asking because I'm going to study fashion Design which not really a "safe route" to many people. And I'm extremely nervous. #fashiondesign

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2 answers

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Evin’s Answer

The best way to overcome the fear of pursuing a career in fashion design is to fall in love with your designs and have fun. I felt uncertain when I was pursuing my career as a designer too. Right after college I got fired from my first graphic design job. So, I quit design to become a bus driver. Every day I regretted not pushing myself harder. I started promoting my designs and eventually someone believed in me enough to give me a chance and I landed a dream job. The more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you'll be, the less fear will discourage you. Set goals for yourself. Always keep your sketches. Create your own opportunities. You may have to work for free sometimes but it'll build your portfolio and resume. Go for it! Have fun and fall in love with your journey. Good luck!

Evin recommends the following next steps:

Get a mentor that can help you with your resume and portfolio
Create your own opportunities to promote your designs
Set goals and create a vision board
Attend events

@Evin White That is excellent advice ! :) Michelle Marotta

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Mia’s Answer

Hi Vanessa, Your question was exactly what I wondered when I was in college! I was always passionate about fashion and apparel business.

I went to the college generally considered "good school" and everyone around me (family, friends) recommended not to go to the fashion industry since it is risky (??) and pays less. I did follow those advises and went into different industry (considered more "safe"), accounting firm. Guess what, after 5 yrs in the industry, I decided to follow my passion and try out fashion industry, so I went back to graduate school and start over in fashion company as a buyer (what I wanted to do back when I was college student) taking 2 yrs of my time. My point is, it may seem "safe" choice is attractive when the future is unknown, but you will never ever know what happens unless you try. Be true to yourself and pursue what you love the most! I am pretty sure you will be ok :). Graduating fashion school, you might have more competitive in recruiting, however I saw so many great leaders (not only in the creative side but the business side as well) in fashion industry who graduated from fashion schools. It is always better to have challenges while you pursue what you love than you pick somewhat "safe" choice that you are not sure about and not loving what you do or study! You can always be wrong, and try different filed again later (so many times, trust me!) if fashion does not work out for you. Please have courage to protect what you love and what you truly wants to pursue. You are the only person who can protect your dream from other noises :) Good luck!!!

Mia recommends the following next steps:

Connect with your dream school alumni (through Linkedin if you cannot find with your current school) and ask why they chose to go there or how they liked their experiences. Everyone loves sharing their stories and advise!
Let's start thinking about what you really want to do after you graduate from fashion school. this will help you choose your majors at school and you are jump starting thinking about your careers after school. You wanna be a designer or merchandiser (creative side), buyer (number side) or marketing (another creative side), or even finance or business side? Also there is retail management and operations, or visual merchandiser if it is in the store side. etc. Thinking about this might helps you reconfirm what you exactly passionate about within fashion.
Follow company/brand news (or even their Social Media accounts) you might consider want to work or internship in the future. It is never be waste to learn things about your future workplace ahead. You can always brings this knowledge to the discussion in the classroom or when you find internships.