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Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Jan 23, 2018 906 views

How would you attract clients and continue to grow as a brand via social media?

Given the advancement of technology and various social media platforms, how I would go about attracting clients via the Internet and maintain clients long term for my design brand?

#social-media #graphic-design

C’s Avatar
C Jan 08, 2018 2172 views

Can you share your experience as a UX or UI designer? What's like? What takes you there?

Undergraduate student thinking about future career options. I don't really know much about UX or UI Do I need to know programme language before taking UX or UI courses? Major in Psychology ; Want to explore different career options & where to apply psychology knowledge in real world. Any...

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Jan 22, 2018 564 views

How do you get over your fear of going into a career that is not necessarily "secure" or a safe route, because it has to do with so much networking?

I'm asking because I'm going to study fashion Design which not really a "safe route" to many people. And I'm extremely nervous. #fashiondesign