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How would you attract clients and continue to grow as a brand via social media?

Given the advancement of technology and various social media platforms, how I would go about attracting clients via the Internet and maintain clients long term for my design brand?

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5 answers

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Tisha Alyn’s Answer

To grow in general on social media, you have to set clear goals on what your page stands for! It’s not about “who/what brands can I attract?” It’s about “what is it that I can give to my audience?” So think about what is the messaging you are trying to serve your audience and continue to push out content that caters to that in different ways. For example, my mission is to grow the game of golf and show how fun it can be. I like to do that by creating fun dancing/golf content, trick shots, interviews, skits, golf instruction, and more. I look to educate and entertain viewers with the sport I love. If brands approach me, great! If I want to catch a brands attention, I may incorporate their product in my post and show how much I truly enjoy it so we can get a conversation going.
The second way I attract clients is by networking. I can’t preach enough how important it is to make friends, go to the events that will help elevate your career, and not be afraid to put yourself out there. Remember that the worst thing someone else can say is “no.” Collaborating with other creators or handing out your business card at functions will lead to more opportunities faster. I have relationships that I’ve been nurturing for years that have just now set the ball in motion. Be consistent and genuine!

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Kelsey’s Answer

I am a food blogger so growing my brand on social media is definitely the #1 way I attract clients! Being myself is at the top of my list as it attracts the people I want to attract and eventually brands too. I don't only wait for clients to come to me but I do outreach as well. For me, clients are food brands so I try to find contacts and reach out to pitch myself and explain how my audience lines up with theirs. If you are not a personal blog brand but a business, a huge way to attract clients is via Facebook Ads. Yes there is some cost involved but it can be well worth it to build a customer base! Once you get some interest, be sure to capture those people in an email list so you can reach them whenever you need to!

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Cuong’s Answer

Social media is the best way to promote yourself and your brand. For instance, I promote my work on instagram and gain followers in each post but I have to consist and maintain my work flow so my followers can see what kind of work I'm doing each time I create a post. I have done about 7-8 projects through Instagram where they ask me to create graphics for them. Any form of social media (the updated ones, don't go to old ones like Twitter and Myspace). Instagram and Pinterest are good examples cause of the tags, the tags are what people view when they want to narrow their search.

And of course, having a personal website is huge boost to promote yourself. It is like your brand name.

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Ifran’s Answer

Social media is a vast area nowadays in today's world of technology. And as you said "how to attract clients via the Internet and maintain clients long term for your design brand?". I am assuming you work as a freelance graphic designer and you want your old customers to keep coming back to you along with other new potential customers.

Ifran recommends the following next steps:

You should take some short online courses on digital marketing available on lynda.com or udemy.com specifically on how to promote your digital brand.
Make sure you are very active in dribble.com as over there the more designs you showcase, the better for you as sometimes if your work is unique they would highlight them on the best designs of the day/week/month. That would generate new people commenting on your thus they will know about you.
Instagram and Pinterest is also a good choice, Facebook you can if you want. I would recommend those 2.
Having a personal website is really important as your focus would be to drive them to your own site to show them what you can do and offer them in a unique way 1-on-1 .
Lastly, I would say patience as once you do a project or a task you need to make sure you advertise them on all the platforms as a portfolio so people know what you are upto.

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Evin’s Answer

There's a great Social Marketing course you can take on Hootsuite.com. It will explain exactly how you can build and maintain your social channels. It teaches social etiquette and how to build trust with your clients. I highly recommend taking it if you can.