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Ashanti’s Avatar
Ashanti Aug 19, 2016 926 views

What is it like to be in the public eye when it comes to sports entertainment?

I have always been curious as to how these athletes live out their daily life as normal citizens. #journalism #athlete #sports-journalism

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Aug 22, 2016 1260 views

How important is knowing sports people, broadcasters and people who are in the field of sports entertainment, to get into the business?

I am studying Broadcast Communication at North Central College in Naperville, IL and I want to know if I should contact broadcasting firms and meet people who are already in the field to get into the business. #communications #sports-management #broadcast-media #public-relations

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Jan 23, 2018 908 views

How would you attract clients and continue to grow as a brand via social media?

Given the advancement of technology and various social media platforms, how I would go about attracting clients via the Internet and maintain clients long term for my design brand?

#social-media #graphic-design

Kristine’s Avatar
Kristine Oct 25, 2017 1805 views

How do I pursue a career in social media?

Hello everyone, I am currently a junior in college majoring in Business Accounting and minoring in Public Relations. My interest has always been in social media, blogging, content management (I love writing), and a little bit of graphic design. I love being able to impact and influence other's...