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How do I pursue a career in social media?

Hello everyone,

I am currently a junior in college majoring in Business Accounting and minoring in Public Relations. My interest has always been in social media, blogging, content management (I love writing), and a little bit of graphic design. I love being able to impact and influence other's lives through one of the most powerful tools we have today - social media.

However, I'm not sure how to go about this career. From my understanding, a lot of social media positions require a background in marketing and advertising - which some times requires a lot of strategizing and pitching. As creative as I am, I also enjoy a sense of routine and stability; I don't want to always have to meet marketing/advertising goals, as I find that to be extremely stressful.

Furthermore, I'm not sure what position(s) in the field would enable me to continue growing. It seems like Social Media Coordinator/Manager is just about as high as you can climb - and I want to pursue something that'll allow for me to make major advances in both a financial and skills standpoint. I was thinking maybe I could try to aim for a Communications Manager position?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kristine! I have heard that a Business degree in Marketing and a lot of Internships is what gets you the dream job regarding social media! However, businesses are always shifting and changing, so companies really hire based on background experience. I would encourage you to try and score an internship that has a focus on social media - so you gain the experience you need! As for a position that is higher than the Social Media Coordinator/Manager position, I would look into a marketing position that utilizes finances and social media.
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First, browse the web to find out what to do in a career plan, then look for the skills needed by the older generation in the field, and combine them to plan how to do every step.
Last updated Dec 20 '17 at 21:54

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Hello! until recently i have been working on social media for big companies ever since social media has been a thing. Over the years what i have found to be like the best match employers look for is to have a background in marketing and advertising, with some knowledge in graphic design tools. To higher you climb the more marketing knowledge you are going to require. Especially on the strategic end more than the creative one. But the best tip i can give you and it always helps people get far in this business is to get hands on experience. Start a Blog and write regularly, create memes, be around all social media platforms. Maybe build a brand around yourself. That causes the most impact on employers and has given me the edge over candidates with better "diplomas"
Last updated Nov 14 '17 at 12:10

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