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What is involved in becoming a freelance editor?

I love writing, and I enjoy helping others make their writing better as well, so when I heard a talk on freelance editing, I thought "This sounds like something I could do!" However, although I feel confident that I could do the actual editing part, I don't know much about how I would get started or prepare for it. I'm still in college at the moment; should I take some business classes for electives, since freelance editing would mean I would essentially be running my own business, or would other classes be more helpful? What do you have to know (besides editing skills) to become a successful freelance editor? Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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3 answers

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Allison’s Answer

The most successful freelancers I know put in several years at a respected publishing company before going off on their own.

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Gary’s Answer

First, read. But read like you've never read before. Study great reporting and writing. Take it apart. What went into it? What details? How did the writer get them? How did the writer use them? Study the best teachers in the world. Here's one:

Good luck! Let me know how it's going and if I can help in any way.



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Christopher’s Answer

First things first; Don't freelance. The money is terrible and your source of income will be spotty at best. Instead, if you'd like to edit, I would encourage you to look at putting your skills to use in a law firm, a publishing house or even look into becoming a literary agent. Since you're in college, look at your campus writing center and offer to work as a volunteer or work study. Doing so will allow you to build upon working relationships with writers as well as allow you to hone your own skills outside of the classroom.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.