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I'm trying to figure out what I career I should chase based on my talents, but I'm not too sure. What would you recommend?

I'm a 17 year old junior in high school, since I was young I've acceled at arguments and helping other through hard times. I enjoy being like a big brother to younger kids, helping others when they don't understand, and being a person people can talk to about anything.
I've been told to either go into law or child therapy.


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2 answers

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ambrosia’s Answer

If you feel you are good at arguments with factual evidence then I would recommend looking into moc trials before devoting all your time to law.

If you are liking the feeling of big brother there are certain community centers that have big brother programs that you could apply for and look into that. There are also foster care systems that have those programs as well to take a foster care child under your wing.

As terms to psychology I absolutely love this field and there are so many subcategories that will make your head spin! Depending on what age group and what specialty you are looking for. I would recommend google the different kinds and find one that pertains to your interest the most. I will say these connections you make are worth the stress and emotion you see on the day to day.

You could also look into working at a day care center I have in the past and all of those kids were close to you and you are essentially their mentor as they are with you majority of the day.

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Débora’s Answer

You seems to be a person that care about others. That's a good gift!

<pre class="ql-syntax" spellcheck="false">I am a psychologist, and I felt the same way when I was young. I felt that I could help others in their struggles. So I graduated in psychology to understand human behavior so I could help people.
You can read about it, and see if this is for you.

Débora recommends the following next steps:

Search about occupations that could help fulfill your desire to make a difference in people's life.
Make a list and try to talk with professionals in each area to take advices