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Management Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Brighton, Colorado
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Jasson Jun 23, 2015 1262 views

how do i become a MMA professional fighter

i am going to 11th grade i and i go to Galileo high school. I've fought a couple of times and i haven't lost. i am undefeated so far. i also want to be a creator in building new things #creator #fighter #mma

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Hiyab Sep 28, 2021 1013 views

What makes your job fun or engaging?

I am 10th Grade student at Galileo High-school in San Francisco California. #career #money #technology #programming #developer

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Alex Sep 28, 2021 422 views

How far is too far to get to work?

Is there a distance too far to permanently move or commute daily to go to a job? #career

Mhaya’s Avatar
Mhaya Sep 28, 2021 795 views

Should I get a part time job while studying in college?

I am in high school and have a part time job and want to make some money while in college too, what are its pros and cons? #college #job #money

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Johnathan Jan 22, 2018 823 views

I'm trying to figure out what I career I should chase based on my talents, but I'm not too sure. What would you recommend?

I'm a 17 year old junior in high school, since I was young I've acceled at arguments and helping other through hard times. I enjoy being like a big brother to younger kids, helping others when they don't understand, and being a person people can talk to about anything. I've been told to either...

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Valeria Sep 16, 2019 409 views

What should you do if a child is being bad and you tell the parents but they ignore it and the kid is still being bad.

I'm an 8th grade student who would like to be a child care worker in the future. I really like children but I would like to know more of what I should prepare for in the future. #Childcareworker